Lip Lift Procedure

Hi Fam! I got a lip lift procedure almost 12 years ago when the lip lift was still very new. I know a lot of you have been wondering if I had a lip lift and now you’ll have the answer. In this video I talk about:

the actual lip lift procedure

the benefits of lip lift procedure

the drawbacks of a lip lift

I show you my lip lift before and afters

I show you other lip lift before and afters

The lip lift procedure changes your face pretty obviously; the more you know about this procedure the better off you’ll be.


Credit given to Dr. Haworth as the second, third, fourth and fifth photos are his work.

you can see more here:

Please know that although I have a very informed opinion based on my own experience I am not an EXPERT or a Doctor. Please visit a plastic surgeon for medical advice.

LOVE YOU ALL!!! Your support means the WORLD to me!!

CREDIT given to Miss J of Miss J Forum; much of my knowledge and advice is garnered from her.



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